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Transgender Soul is published by Veronica Leroux, containing information and resources about the psychology of transsexual and transgender issues. Self-Help Resources contain numerous approaches to psychological healing and wholeness, including evidence-based methods, such as those proven to be effective with anxiety and depression, depth psychology methods, such as Jungian dream-work and active imagination, self-dialogue, journaling, and re-writing your own personal myth, and Eastern methods, such as mindfulness.

Our Transgender Community is a compassionate safe place for anyone who does not identify with the traditional gender categories assigned by culture to their birth sex. Transgender people often self-identify as belonging to specific sub-groups sharing common identities (for example, cross-dressers, transsexual men and women, drag queens and kings, transgenderists, etc).

Transgender Soul contains resources for understanding the psychological nature of our transsexual and transgender journey, healing ourselves from the stigmatization of hetero-sexist beliefs, and exploring transgressive gendered experience. Whether it’s through learning about ideas within the transgender community, using psychological approaches for self-discovery and growth, or reading reviews of transgender articles, books, and authors, Transgender Soul serves as a “lanterna“, casting the light of understanding and the warmth of compassion into the shadows and depths of the soul, enlightening, and encouraging the experience of wholeness and healing.


The Meaning of Transgender Soul

Transgender Soul describes the myth at the heart of our gendered lives that creates meaning from our experience of having a gendered identity in conflict with our transsexual body. We each have a personal and unique story about what this conflict between the spirit and the flesh means to us. This conflict can create pain, suffering, and confusion which is made worse by the lack of compassion within society, religion, medicine, and psychiatry.

We can open our hearts to compassion for ourselves and others while we re-write our own personal stories to make meaning of our transsexual experiences. The phrase TransgenderSoul is used to mean the inner image of ourselves as a gendered and sexual person whether or not that image has been made in the flesh through use of sex hormones or surgery.

However we experience our TransgenderSoul, this inner image calls us to seek out the truth about who we are and then to live out that truth as a genuine person even in the face of stigmatization, opposition, and condemnation.

An outstanding and much deserved thank you to Dr. Rachael St. Claire, the original creator and editor of Transgender Soul. A large part of the content of this website is the original text from the former site. Throughout my early transition and surgeries I found Transgender Soul to be a competent and useful resource for unbiased transition information. A heartfelt token of gratitude goes out to all those who contributed to this project.

Veronica Leroux